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Welcome to Access Paranormal Team's podcast page, where we bring you fascinating interviews with people from all walks of life who have had experiences with the unexplained. From ghosts and hauntings to UFO sightings and cryptids, we cover it all. You can click on any of the recordings below to watch and learn more. Don't forget to click on the full-screen box for the best viewing experience, no matter what device you're using!  - Subscribe, Like and click for notifications. 

In Conversation withNIGEL BACH & SCOTT TOMLINSON(Bad Ben)
Catch Up with the TeamMarch 2023
In Conversation with GEMMA, MICHAEL& AUBREYJunior Paranormal Events
Catch Up with the TeamApril 2023
In Conversation with JNR AMBASSADORSJunior Paranormal Events
In Conversation with MOXLEY and AIMEE Urban & Paranormal Explorers
Catch Up with the TeamMay 2023
In Conversation with ADAM MARKS & MATT ELDER Urban Explorers
 In Conversation with DAVID JENKINS |Author | Empath | Theorist
In Conversation with MARK WILLIAMS The Secret Cave
CatCh Up with the TeamJune 2023
In Conversation with JENNIFER JAMES & JILL STANLETCommon Mystics
Catch Up with the TeamJune 2023 
In Conversation withMACKENZIE CROMPTONShadows of York Tours
In Conversation withPAUL ALLANDUnusual Things
In Conversation withDAVE O'CONNORExploring with me Dave
Catch Up with the TamsSeptember 2023
In Conversation withJULIE MALONE Ghost Investigations UK
In Conversation withSUZY & LISA Forst Spooky
Ghostly Chat With The TeamJAMIE, JONATHAN & MARIEBaron Hill Mansion
In Conversation withJIM SANDOVALHis Personal Story