Jamie Williams


Jamie has always been fascinated by the paranormal, even as a child. His passion for the unknown started at a young age and continued to grow into adulthood. Since 2007, he has been deeply involved in all things paranormal, investigating locations all over the country.

One of Jamie's main focuses is the Mill Street Barracks in St. Helens where he's been an active member for 12 years. This location is of particular interest to Jamie due to its history and the reported paranormal activity. He has spent countless hours investigating this location with his group Access Paranormal (Formerly known as GhostQuest) and has gained valuable knowledge and experience.

Jamie's expertise in the paranormal has led to many opportunities, including being filmed and interviewed for various TV and radio shows. He's worked alongside well-known investigators such as Nick Goff, Katrina Weidman (Paranormal Lockdown), Derek Acorah, and Phil Wyman. Jamie's involvement in these shows has allowed him to share his knowledge with a wider audience and to continue growing his passion for the paranormal.

Jamie's passion for the paranormal has led him to various radio shows, including Radio Merseyside, Radio City, Access North West Radio, L35 Radio, Coast Radio, and The Florrie Radio. In 2020, he even started his own show, further showcasing his love for the paranormal and his willingness to share his knowledge with others.

Aside from his paranormal investigations, Jamie is also involved in theatre work. He's designed posters, programmes, edited sound effects, and provided photography for various shows. This shows his versatility and dedication to different aspects of the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Jamie's deep passion for the paranormal has led him on a journey filled with adventures, investigations, and opportunities. His expertise in the field and dedication to sharing his knowledge has made him a valuable asset to the paranormal community. Jamie's passion and love for the unknown shows no signs of slowing down, and he will continue to investigate and share his knowledge with others for years to come.

Jonathan Sullivan


Jonathan has held a fascination with all things paranormal since childhood, and it's only grown stronger over time. While on various investigations, he's been privy to several inexplicable experiences - the most vivid of which involved a mysterious hand appearing above a group at Mill Street Barracks. He's an avid explorer of all locations big or small, as he believes that each has a unique story to tell. Jonathan approaches investigations with boundless enthusiasm and relishes the thrill of the unknown. 

Jonathan became co-host of the Access Paranormal Podcast & Radio show on episode 14, which aired on November 15th, 2020, after Jamie encountered startling paranormal activity during an interview whilst alone. Since then, Jonathan and Jamie have worked in tandem to create an incredible show and a strong partnership.

In his downtime, Jonathan enjoys relaxing with his family and watching movies. 

Marie Spriggs


Marie co-founded their group GhostQuest (Now Access Paranormal UK) with Jamie back in 2010 when the group they were part of disbanded. They Both enjoyed going on investigations and felt they should start their own group to continue with a hobby they both enjoy doing. 

Marie has been on many investigations around the UK and is very level headed when it comes to evidence and always thinks logically throughout. Her favourate location to date is Hyndley Prespaterian, near Wigan. 

Marie became a co-host on Access Paranormal Podcast alongside Jonathan after being a regular on the show. The team of 3 with Jamie, Jonathan & Marie now take the show out around the UK recording for both Radio and their YouTube Channel which they enjoy brining to you on a weekly basis. 

Marie has no fear when it comes to investigating and quit often goes alone into places to record lone vigils when ever asked which both Jamie and Jonathan tend to avoid where possible. Marie is in a relationship with Jamie and loves spending as much time with him on invests and outside them. She also enjoys visiting her family and beautiful grandchildren. 

Ian Williams


Ian is Jamie's son and studied Media at university in Liverpool after leaving school. 

He has been interested in the behind the scenes of how films are made, so went off to university to learn how to use a camera and the techniques needed to make the scenes.

Although not interested in the paranormal, due to his dad's hobby, he was persuaded to do the filming for the Podcast whilst the team investigated locations. He does look for the logics whilst filming the podcasts and will share them with the team.

Ian prefers to be behind the camera but was nicknamed 'The Hand' by L35 Radio owner Neil Murray which has now become part of the recording in which when referred to, waves his hand in front of the camera.

Ian enjoyed visiting the locations with the team and is always looking at new idea for them to try out.